The best Gun Control is to NOT ALLOW it to ENTER!

You can keep people safe by not allowing the gun inside your building. Weapon Sensing Doors make sense. This technology removes the threat, as well as the human element from any discussions or decisions.

The timing is right for America to protect our children and citizens!

The best Gun Control is to NOT ALLOW it to ENTER!

The recent suggestions to arm teachers and place guards in schools are both situations where a person lacking in life values could overpower a teacher and take command of the weapon.

We believe a person with intent will be more prepared than a guard. With a guard the issues will be, alertness, reaction time, and aim.  Clear backpacks can help, but even the best guards will not be able to detect all guns without the help of a metal detecting device.
Our solution diminishes both the impact from a guard not reacting quickly enough and also reduces the possibility that an innocent life is caught in a crossfire.

Weapon Sensing Doors make sense.  The inside of your building is not the place for a shootout!

Some Current US Installations of our Weapon Sensing Doors:

  • FBI
  • JFK Airport Terminal 4
  • Federal Reserve Bank—Dallas, Texas
  • Children’s School—Arlington, VA
  • Atlantic City Airport

Our high flow Weapon Sensing Door has a payback period of 1.5 years based on the average pay for an armed security guard.

Whatever your protection needs are, you can rely on our Weapon Sensing Door technology to remove the threat before it ever enters your building.


Atlantic City Airport — The airport is saving $300,000.00 per year on TSA Agents and other staff!

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